Thursday, July 5, 2012

TOOLS (Mind Sets or Thinking Patterns)

TOOLS  (Mind Sets or Thinking Patterns)
I believe that the difference between coping and not coping with any depression, or life event, is knowledge of and use of known tools.
Many people are taught by their circumstances as they grow what natural tools to use to deal with life’s harder situations.  Many people never learn, because of circumstances, as they grow, the natural tools  to use.  If you can teach yourself, or can be taught by others, to use natural tools to relieve suffering, it can make the difference between happiness, acceptance, frustration and grief.
In this Blog many tools are discussed.  In the Mental Health Profession, there are many names for different tools (mind sets or thinking patterns).  In this blog, I have provided my own names.  First, you can find tools, by doing a “Tool” search.  Also, I will provide a list of tools discussed in this blog which you can access in the labels column.  Sometimes, all I need is one word to remind me of a tool I can use that will help me cope with a current difficult situation.  Mental tools are as important to me as physical tools are to a worker.

Thinking Patterns

Problem Beliefs


False Assumptions

Depression Self Diagnosis

Brain Tools

First Aid Kit



Mind Set Change Tool

Defining Depression

Make Gratitude List

Natural Chemical Booster

Read Books

Coping Strategies

Symptoms Identification


Identifying Triggers


Help from Outside

Self Confidence vs. Self Esteem

Distorted Thinking

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