Thursday, July 5, 2012


1.            Describe just the facts of a situation which is causing you problems.

2.            What were your first thoughts  that came to your mind about this situation.

3.            What immediate emotions did your feel? ( Anger, happiness, sadness, frustration, etc.)

4.            Read a distorted thinking list, and specify which thinking you used.

5.            How can you think differently, considering your distorted thinking.

6.            Develop a thinking pattern that will allow you to think accurately, more quickly the next time.
Thinking Pattern
Belief of what happened . >>>Was my thinking distorted and in what way? >>>What emotions did it cause that could be inaccurate? >>>How could I think and feel about this that would be more accurate? >>> Which more accurate belief do I choose to accept? >>>

If you continue to use this tool, eventually you can skip to that last section when a situation first happens.  

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