Thursday, July 21, 2011


In an article written by Dr. Sue Hubbard, a nationally known pediatrician, it is suggested that earlier bedtimes for children and teens can reduce depression.  Columbia University researchers studied 12,000 adolescents and teens and found that subjects with strict bedtimes of 10 p.m. or earlier were less likely to have depressive and suicidal thoughts.    A different study of 12,000 children indicated that only about 8% got the required sleep of nine hours a night.  In another study of 15,000 children in grades 7-12, kids who were allowed to stay up until midnight or later had a 24% more chance of being depressed, and a 20 % more chance of suicidal thoughts. 
It was also revealed in the above studies that having a firm bedtime set by a parent  is almost as important as attaining a required amount of sleep hours.  Encourage earlier bedtimes.  Things such as “lights out”, turning off all electronics ½ hour before bedtime, warm showers, and firm rules starting at an early age can help children start a lifetime of good sleeping habits that can help control depression.

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