Tuesday, July 19, 2011


None of these false assumptions are true – yet many people’s lives are affected by believing them.
1.         To be happy I have to be successful at everything I undertake.
2.       To be happy I must be accepted by all people at all times.
3.       If I make a mistake it means I’m a failure.
4.       I can’t live without my spouse or without being loved.
5.       If someone disagrees with me, it means he doesn’t like me.
6.       My value as a person depends on what others think of me.
7.       If I am spiritual, bad things won’t happen to me.
8.       I should be able to make anyone love me.
9.       Good parents always love their children and never become angry at them
10.   Good people are never angry and never have bad feelings.
11.   Unhappiness is caused by circumstances and I have no control over this.
12.   The way people act is part of their personality;  you can’t change personality.
13.   There is always a right or perfect solution to every problem, and it must b e found or the results are catastrophic.
14.   Past experiences determine present behavior; there is no way to erase the mistakes and influences of the past.
15.   On Pain:
Good people don’t feel pain.
Pain is punishment.  I must be a bad person to merit this punishment so I should put up with it.
Pain equals repentance and cleanses me.
If I’m feeling pain, I must have done something wrong.
If I feel enough pain, I will have paid my dues and this will go away.

A tool to use in overcoming depression is to recognize your false assumptions, then refuse to accept them.  See Thinking Pattern Tool

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